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Guaranteeing the long term availability of safe food is a global concern that has initiated a large number of activities including research, policy development and implementation, legislation and training.


A substantial amount of information is generated on these topics but it is sometimes difficult to find because it is disseminated through many different sources. A solution to this problem is to develop web based portals or databases where all information is collected and combined for effective communication.

In an EU FP6 project known as SELAMAT the application of a novel design enabled the development of a Global Food Safety Legislation Portal ( The novelty lay in the connection of information nodes and the guidance of the visitor to the information they requested (e.g. a description of how to navigate the portal to find the relevant information).

The European Union FP7 project Collab4safety co-ordinated by Dr Hans Marvin, DLO-RIKILT consists of a partnership of ten collaborating organisations. A central component of Collab4Safety is to expand on the previous legislation portal to design, construct and compile a collection of such web based portals to cover further aspects of high relevance to food safety.

These portals are shaped at different stages of development by input from all of the Collab4safety project team, stakeholders in this project through evaluation at regional events and stakeholder consultations on the project website.

The Institute for Global Food Security, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) is responsible for the overall structure and implementation of the portals, Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovacao (SPI) for the collection of information to construct the training portal, Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek (DLO-RIKILT) for the legislation portal and Institute of Biochemistry Russian Ac.Sci (INBI) for the research and innovation portal.

The portal is in English but an introduction page is prepared in Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, French and Spanish.

The Collab4Safety Portal provides a comprehensive gateway to multiple resources of high relevance to food safety that will enable global research and policy communities, as well as other groups to find up-to-date information on food safety organisations, research and training.

The Collab4Safety portal is designed as an online tool for the rapid sharing of information to enhance food safety around the globe. We hope you find this web page informative and helpful.

How does the portal work?

The information in the portal has been categorised and tiered into 5 thematic sections.

  1. The Food Safety Institutions section enables you to identify food safety institutions by country. Information and contact details for these institutions is also provided.
  2. The Food Safety News section will allow you to connect to key sites providing timely reporting and alerts on food safety issues around the globe.
  3. The Training section provides access to key initiatives for developing knowledge in the areas of food safety at both the academic (undergraduate and postgraduate), industrial and regulatory level.
  4. The Research section provides access to key projects and information on innovative and new areas of research in the food safety arena.
  5. The Legislation section (external) functions as a 'guide' through available information on legislation for contaminants, pesticides, veterinary drugs and additives.

These can be accessed by clicking on the relevant theme title (in the top navigation bar or via the links in the list). Each thematic section contains detailed instructions on how to search for information in that specific section.

We need information

Dissemination and application of the Collab4Safety information is a priority. If you would like to share knowledge of new advances in food safety, we would be happy to disseminate the information to the Collab4Safety stakeholder community. You can submit informational resources to the Collab4Safety team by using the contacts on the bottom of page under the header 'Contact'.

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