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Food Safety Institutions Portal

The food safety institutions portal contains a worldwide listing of public food and feed safety institutions that can be viewed at a continental, regional and national level.


The Food Safety Institutions portal provides an overview of the global competent public institutions for food and feed safety. It highlights the organisations of food safety professionals including authorities, ministries, institutes and standards organisations contributing to advancing food and feed safety worldwide. The information on the database can be selected, through the Institutions search, based on the criteria of region, country and type of institution. The name of the institutions and associated webpage link are provided to match the search criteria.

The portal is designed to provide an opportunity to link Collab4Safety stakeholders to key organisations on a global scale.

We are continually expanding

The database is continually evolving therefore if you would like the inclusion of additional food and feed safety organisations please let us know by using the contact information in the footer of this page.

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